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Emergency Services
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While serious problems with door locks and keys don’t happen very often, they are usually quite serious and require immediate solution. The most important thing in such situations is to keep calm and take the right action. Check out the right solutions for some of the most common urgent issues.

Door Lock Repair

Turning the key is awfully difficult or not even possible? The cylinder of the lock has most likely failed and needs changing. Another possible cause of this problem is bent key blade. In this case, the solution involves replacing the key with a new one. The key turns, but the door doesn’t get unlocked? The locking mechanism is most probably broken. After its replacement, the lockset will work smoothly once again. If the handle is loose, the mechanism is the most probable culprit and has to be changed.

Fast Key Replacement

If your key has just snapped inside the lock, it should be changed right away. The cylinder of the lock will need to be fixed, or most likely replaced. What about a lost key? In this case, lock rekey or replacement comes first. This will eliminate the risk of someone using the old key to get into your home, office or car. With a set of new keys, the lockset will work perfectly. It is important to note that practically any key can be replaced even if it has an electronic chip. 

Safe Lockout Solution

Emergency Trunk OpeningThe fix depends on the underlying cause of the problem. If the electronic keypad doesn’t work, the problem could be with the power supply to the motor or with the electronic component itself. The repair will involve replacing the faulty part. If the handle is loose, the locking mechanism is most likely to blame. It will need to be replaced.

For quick emergency services for your locks and keys, turn to our professional company. We fix and replace locksets and keys belonging to buildings and vehicles in little time. You can count on us, at Locksmith Chigwell, to provide assistance at any time of the day or night.

Call us to use our services. Do not miss to learn more about them on our website.

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