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How to Use Combination Locks Effectively

How to Use Combination Locks Effectively
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Many businesses and institutions now use combination door locks instead of the original keyed devices. These allow for a high level of security while being much easier to manage and to maintain. When you have such electronic devices installed, you have to use them properly for keeping the property fully secure and for ensuring easy and convenient access at all times. Learn how to do this.

Proper Operation 

How to Use Combination Locks EffectivelyUse the keypad only with clean hands - Make sure that you will not transfer grease or any other kind of dirt to the keypad as the buttons may get stuck eventually. Let everyone who uses the door know about this rule for keeping the door lockset in good condition.

Push the buttons gently without applying too much force - This is essential since they are usually quite small and can get stuck or broken if they are pushed too far. You have to ensure that you will push them one at the time as well. Since the keypad is typically quite small, it is easy to accidently press two buttons at the same time.

Use the door knob or handle only after the signal for the combination verification - Most digital locks produce a recognisable clicking sound and/or have a small green lamp which is lit in case of unlocking. Press the handle or turn the knob gently without applying too much force to avoid damage.

Programming and Timer Setting

Change the access code immediately after lock installation - You have to be certain that you are the only one who knows the combination. Follow the steps for programming of the device precisely. Make sure that you have come up with the new combination code before you reset the electronic system.

Reprogram the device regularly following a strict schedule - Decide on the level of security that you require to determine the schedule. It is best if the device is reprogrammed to use a new combination code every three months at least. For higher protection from no authorised keyless entry, this should be done monthly.

Keep a list of everyone who knows the access code - In this way, you will be able to inform them immediately about changes. More importantly, you will be able to change the code right away after someone leaves the company, instruction or household. 

Set the timer for allowing free access with perfect precision - When you need to let people in freely, determine the exact time during which the door will remain unlocked. Make sure that the timer of the locking device works correctly. Enter the time at which the door will get automatically locked.

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