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Ways for Securing Outbuildings Effectively

Ways for Securing Outbuildings Effectively
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It is a fact that outbuildings like garden sheds are much more likely to be attacked by opportunist burglars compared to houses. At the same time, they hold extremely valuable property. The police have estimated the average value of assets kept on the premises outside of houses to be around 500 pounds. Learn how to better secure your belongings to avoid dealing with losses and break-in repairs.

Top Measures for Best Results

Rotten timber wallsIn order to keep your outbuildings secured, you must ensure that they are in good condition in the first place. Issues like rotten timber walls or corroded steel panels will facilitate break-in. The door hinges and handle must be free from damage and rust. Do not miss to lubricate the hinges on a regular basis.

The major measure for preventing burglar attacks to outbuildings is the installation of padlocks and fittings. You have to select these items with great care. They must be made from tough metal that is resistant to cutting and breaking under pressure. It is important for the metal to be protected from the damaging effects of the elements as well. Steel that is coated with a protective rust-resistant layer is a fine choice, for example.

It is best if the hasp and staple are installed with the use of threaded coach bolts which have backing plates. In this way, it will not be possible for thieves to simply remove the door lockset. In general, you can consider having two padlocks installed. This will increase the level of security even further. For best results they should be installed so that they split the height of the door in three equal sections.

If the outbuildings have windows, the installation of window locks is also extremely important for keeping the property inside secured. These have to be selected in line with the design and structure of the windows. It is best if you get a lock which can be installed directly onto the window handle.

Outdoor lighting is another major feature of every system for outbuilding security. You can have lights that point directly at these structures. They can be automated so that they can get turned on as soon as it becomes dark outside. You can also go for lights with motion detection sensors which will go up when an intruder gets close.

It is up to you to decide whether to go for CCTV and alarm installation. In general, CCTV is considered to be the more effective option for outdoor areas. The outdoor cameras tend to deter thieves from getting close to the property in the first place. There are plenty of models which have great durability and high resistance to the elements.

You should definitely take all of these measures for keeping outbuildings secured.

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